Acting Genius, TOP Idol!
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Acting Genius, TOP Idol!

Alternative Titles Akting jenius, idola TOP! , 연기 천재, TOP 아이돌!

Synopsis Acting Genius, TOP Idol!

Top actor Baekhyun, known as a genius in acting, encounters a miracle and returns to life before his death! However, there’s no such thing as a free regression. His lifespan is limited to just thirty, with only ten years left to live. To become an actor again and to survive, he must become an ‘idol’! The thrilling process of a genius actor growing into a TOP idol is revealed!


Released 2023
Author Hangyeol, Soling
Artist Ajang
Serialization Kakao
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  1. himitsu_desu says:

    i dare say that this is the 2nd best idol manhwa out there, right after debut or die. for some reason, the other options are all cringy and uninteresting😅 i litterally urghh-ed when i was reading them. the art for this one is super good as well!

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