Demon Lord’s Martial Arts Ascension
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Demon Lord’s Martial Arts Ascension

Alternative Titles The Demon King Levels Up, Martial Demon King , The Demon Lord Levels Up With Martial Arts , 무공으로 레벨업하는 마왕님 , 勇士非也,魔王是也, レベルアップする魔王様

Synopsis Demon Lord’s Martial Arts Ascension

Now that the demonic realm and the heavenly realm have called a truce, the human world has returned to an era of peace. Jeon Minchul lives the life of an ordinary college student until the day he comes across an artifact from the war and remembers—in his past life, he was the demon king who brought the world to its knees. Upon recalling these memories, Minchul awakens his old powers, along with some new ones. But can this demon king harness the powers of both good and evil to protect the peace?


Released 2022
Author Iboxson , Tya
Artist AM
Serialization Kakao
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