I’ll Take the Dukedom From Today
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Type Manhwa

I’ll Take the Dukedom From Today

Alternative Titles I Will Take The Duchy From Today - 从今天起, 公爵府由我接管 - 公爵家は今日から私が引き受けます - 오늘부터 공작가는 내가 접수한다

Synopsis I’ll Take the Dukedom From Today

“I was a noble!”


‘Hilde’, a commoner who works as a waitress in a local restaurant, is one day told by ‘Rogen’, an ultra-handsome (!) man who appears out of nowhere, that she is the granddaughter of one of only four ducal families on the continent and that her mother, ‘Lucia Arpeggio’, was once a powerful magician.


Staunchly aristocratic, Duke Arpeggio offers his granddaughter Hilde a place in the ducal family if she can prove her magical powers. Hilde, who has faced much persecution as a commoner, accepts the offer in hopes of securing an easy life as a noble.


But the joy is short-lived… Liberal arts, magic, dance, history, literature, etc. There are so~~~many things she has to learn as a noble!


Moreover, her family, far from welcoming Hilde, only gives her the cold shoulder and even threatens her life.…


It can’t be helped now that it’s like this. I’ll be the Duke of Arpeggio, and I’ll take it all!


As a commoner, I will try to take over this Dukedom!


Released 2023
Author Royal B - Yumin [Add]
Artist Eucha
Serialization Kakao Webtoon (Daum) - KakaoPage (Kakao)
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