Living as a Maid in Confinement
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Living as a Maid in Confinement

Alternative Titles Life as a Tower Maid: Locked up with the Prince - Surviving as a Maid of Confinement - Sống Như Hầu Nữ Bị Giam Cầm - 감금물의 하녀로 살아가기

Synopsis Living as a Maid in Confinement

I, Yoo Jung-in, was an ordinary office worker in South Korea.I was in a car accident and woke up as Rosé, a maid who was locked in a tower with the prince and violated him. The moment the prince leaves the tower, I’m sure I’m dead…!”I want to make a deal with you, Your Highness.”No skinship without consent, no killing the maid after leaving the tower. I thought we had a mutually satisfactory deal…”Shall we kiss, Rosé?”The prince’s condition has become strange. Will I make it out of this tower alive?

Released 2023
Author Yeonhan
Artist D.Rano
Serialization Daum - Kakao - Soy Media
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