Rekindle, T0-level Player
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Type Manhua

Rekindle, T0-level Player

Alternative Titles Regenerate Top Players , Rekindle, T0-level Player! , 重燃吧T0级玩家!, Apex Gamer Returns , 重燃吧,T0级玩家!

Synopsis Rekindle, T0-level Player

The unknown but growing in popularity game streamer, Bai Qi, unexpectedly dies while live streaming the game “Soul Throne,” just as his life is about to reach its peak. However, unexpectedly, he is reborn in the challenging world of this action game. With his T0-level gaming skills from the past and the blessing of system-granted “skills from 100 different games,” can Bai Qi personally ascend to the throne and become the unique king of that world?

Additional note: “T0-level Player” is a competitive gaming term that generally refers to a player having top-tier skills, being at the pinnacle of their game. The “T” in “T0” stands for “Tier,” and “0” indicates the highest or top tier.



Released 2024
Author 仁山动漫
Artist 仁山动漫
Serialization Acqq
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