Requiem for the Queen
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Requiem for the Queen

Alternative Titles 为女王而作的镇魂曲 여왕을 위한 진혼곡

Synopsis Requiem for the Queen

At night, Princess Millaria, who dreams of an unnamed queen, becomes intertwined with the body of a queen from a hundred years ago, as if by fate. And thus, she discovers the queen’s diary.

“I entrust the kingdom to you. I humbly plead with you, bowing my head like this.”

A dark cloud loomed before her, causing confusion!

“Who are you?”

Ferdinand, the Duke, somehow recognizes her true identity. But crisis soon becomes an opportunity!

“Cooperate with me. If you do, I will turn a blind eye to your identity.”
“Alright. But there’s one condition.”
“What is it?”
“It’s not enough for you to just turn a blind eye to my identity. I want to be treated as a flawless queen.”

Millaria, who has chosen to live under the name of the queen, and Ferdinand, the Duke who knows her secret, play a duet solely for the well-being of Queen Gloria, who only desired the kingdom’s peace—a requiem for the queen.

Released 2023
Author Deokgu - Yuna (정유나)
Artist Sai (사이)
Serialization Kakao
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