Rookie but One-in-a-Million Actor
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Rookie but One-in-a-Million Actor

Alternative Titles 신인인데 천만배우

Synopsis Rookie but One-in-a-Million Actor

Mooyoung spent his childhood under his stepfather’s oppressive rule, a life that felt like living in hell. A mysterious voice in the living hell showed him the way to survive. “Live someone else’s life instead of yours.” That’s how his acting journey began… Was it a survival instinct? Even when he did well, he excelled too much. Through acting, Mooyoung gained a new life. This is the story of Mooyoung, the overwhelming acting genius, embarking on a challenge in the entertainment industry!


Released 2024
Author Choi Lot, Ji Bin
Artist BF
Serialization Kakao
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