The Baby Dragon Tames the Crazy People
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

The Baby Dragon Tames the Crazy People

Alternative Titles Little Dragon Princess Tames the Crazies,아기 용태자비는 미친놈들을 길들인다

Synopsis The Baby Dragon Tames the Crazy People

The Emperor of the Empire of Atlantis, Thalassa, in the depths of the sea. Contrary to her belief that days of abundance and happiness would continue, she was betrayed by her lover and friend, and sealed away for a thousand years. And when she opened her eyes again… “I, who was once the great Emperor of the glorious empire, have become a baby as small as a baby crab!” Atlantis had already perished, and Thalassa was reborn as the baby princess and dragon heiress of the kingdom established by the traitors! What’s more? The dragon heiress has to marry the crown prince to break the curse? “You scoundrels!” Not only did she have to uncover the secrets of Atlantis’s demise, but she found herself destined to marry the crown prince against her will. “I have no choice. I’ll just stay with them until the curse on the crown prince is lifted!”


Released 2023
Author Eun Ryeowon,Soy Media
Artist Pingbok (Soy Media)
Serialization Kakao
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