The Demon Emperor Hopes for a Hero
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

The Demon Emperor Hopes for a Hero

Alternative Titles The Demon Emperor Desires a Hero , The Demon Emperor Wishes for a Warrior , 마황은 용사를 바란다

Synopsis The Demon Emperor Hopes for a Hero

Betrayed and faced with death by the one he trusted, the Demon Emperor meets his end. Having always longed for death, he welcomes his final moments with a sense of peace. However, 66 years later, he awakens in an unfamiliar body. To his surprise, this body is referred to as a ‘hero’? The Demon Emperor never meant to exist for the sake of peace! Eventually, he embarks on a journey once again, not to seek happiness, but to embrace death…


Released 2023
Author Onsol-i , Sense
Artist Villain Donkatsu
Serialization Naver
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