The Maxed-out Player
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

The Maxed-out Player

Alternative Titles Counter Stop Player , Max Level Player , Max Talent Player , 만렙 플레이어 , Talented Player, カンストプレイヤー , 练级20年,出门就是满级反派

Synopsis The Maxed-out Player

After 20 grueling years of hellish training, Juhyuk’s stats are maxed-out, and he is ready to venture out into Olympus, a virtual reality game. His master’s last dying wish is for Juhyuk to be the Ultimate Evil, the most powerful in Olympus. But when he steps out of the tutorial area, every player tries to kill him, and the game forces him to start over from Level 1! With these setbacks, Juhyuk will need all the help he can get to complete his SSS-rank quest and become the next Ultimate Evil.


Released 2023
Author Bichu , Nelpi
Artist Daon Studio
Serialization Kakao
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