Top Star’s Talent Library
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Top Star’s Talent Library

Alternative Titles Top Star's Talented Library , 天才アイドルになるための1万時間の法則 , 超級巨星的才華書庫 , 탑스타의 재능 서고

Synopsis Top Star’s Talent Library

The talentless idol trainee Sang-Jun.

The day he spoke about transferring entertainment companies with his director, Sang-Jun received the book, and unlocks access to the talent library. These are one of many talent books he borrowed from the library to gain talent.

Great, with this talent I’m going to become a top star!


Released 2022
Author Kang Seoul , Pateu (COPIN)
Artist Seong Hyang , Terapin
Serialization Kakao
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